About Us

Learn about our mission and what we stand for

Our Mission

          Here at Summit Tutoring, we are dedicated to helping you achieve success without having to pay exorbitant sums for it. After all, our motto is Bridging The Divide In Education, which means we’re dedicated in helping students overcome their doubts about the SAT, college applications, and much more! We are a student-run organization and believe in the value of peer tutoring!

Why We Provide Free Lessons And Workshops…

          We are very understanding of the financial struggle many students may be going through while at high school. Therefore, we try to provide free tutoring for all students in need to better the quality of their education. As high school students ourselves, we’re understanding of the excessive sums one must pay for tutors and exam fees. Money should not be a limiting factor in one’s education. Summit Tutoring is proudly presenting free tutoring and test preparations for the SAT, AP, and more!

We’re Much More Than Free Tutoring…

          We’re an opportunity for students to perform good deeds through tutoring others! We provide students with the ability to teach and enlighten fellow students through community service. By doing so, our services can upkeep with the growing demand. A tutor’s courtesy is what allows our services to stay free for everyone. As an organization, we make sure to reward our hard-working staff for their diligence. Therefore, we recorder each tutor’s hours carefully and provide official community service letters to high schools and colleges.